Heart Coaster Sets of 6  

Heart Coaster Sets of 6

Heart Coasters Sets of 6 individually hand crafted and finished.
Tied with natural twine and information tag

Wood: Spalted Beech  or
Mixed woods: English Walnut, Oak,Spalted Beech, Elm, Cherry and Ash

Size: 100 x 100 x 8mm Thickness

Finish: Olive oil.

Use: Trivet, display, drinks

This is a fungal attack of the wood, either when the tree is
standing, or after it has been felled.
The Mycelium, roots of the fungus, spread out, from the point
of infection, through the wood, leaving black lines and random
To achieve the desirable effects I usually leave a felled tree for
up to 2 years before cutting and kiln drying
, after which time it
is ready to create the finished product

Care of Boards

After using your board it is advisable to wash lightly in washing
up water, wipe off excess water and leave to dry in a vertical
position, allowing air to circulate around the board.

The cell structure of the wood will absorb water and release
it under normal drying conditions.

To revive the board reapply olive oil with a brush and leave to dry.
This should be done as and when necessary.

Do not put in dishwasher!

Use one side of the board for chopping and cutting and keep one
side "best" for serving on.

Wood Type

Our Price: £17.00